WA Bullsbrook Quarantine Facility

World Wire cables (WA) are proud to be involved in the construction of the High Profile Federally funded Bullsbrook Quarantine facility consisting of 500 beds across two suburbs including all the support buildings. This major project is 32 kilometres north of Perth and due to be completed in June 2022 through Nilsen Australia in WA.

Due to the nature and the urgency of the project. WWC were engaged in the supply of a range of cables mainly XLPE Flexible, Fire rated and Orange Circular cables for the delivery of significant sub-mains through our valued wholesale supply partners.

There was a very small window for delivery, Nilsen’s set the criteria and the KPI’s involved, along with the schedule for WWC, WWC’s ability to process and supply in a timely manner in a time when resources have been difficult to manage across the country.

Having the appropriate stock levels in our Jandakot facility along with the cutting power of 3 PCB machines we were well positioned to deliver when the need arose. Next time your business needs a fast turnaround, jump on board the WWC team for seamless delivery.

Maules Creek Coal Mine

Maules Creek Coal Mine NSW – WW Cables recently completed the supply of $1M+ worth of HV & LV cables to the Maules Creek Coal Mine site in NSW. The main criteria for this project was to supply all cables within a strict time frame, with the HV cables to be supplied within 8 weeks. WW Cables were able to meet the customer’s delivery requirements on all cables to this remote location which is approximately 8hrs north of the Sydney metro area. Apart from the various 22kV cables supplied, we also supplied large quantities of Orange Circulars, Instrumentation, CTS VSD, Control Cables, SWA Circulars, Screened Rubber flex’s and Fibre Optic cables. The majority of these cables were supplied from stock out of our local warehouses with a small range of cables that were manufactured and supplied within the nominated timeframe. WW Cables have worked together with the site Contractor on a number of large projects over the years and we continue to get support from them on a national basis due to our previous successes together.

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, VIC,

VCCC is another major hospital project/development where WW Cables are supplying various LV and fire rated cables of significant quantities. WWC has worked hand in hand with the Contractor at all stages of the project to ensure that both the technical and commercial elements of the project are met.

This has included the shipment of bulk lengths pre-cut to site as well as longer lengths and all relevant test and QA documentation with each delivery to site. Daily communication has been crucial to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are briefed on all project/cable schedule updates. WWC is not only meeting the customer’s numerous requirements but also delivering the cables in full and on time per the client’s expectations. The estimated value of this order is approximately AU$4 million to date.

Boggabri Coal Mine Upgrade

Boggabri Coal Mine Upgrade, Boggabri NSW

In 2014 WW Cables supplied a wide range of electrical cables for the Boggabri Coal Mine Upgrade. WW Cables worked closely with the Contractor on site. There were many deadlines associated with this project but we were able to meet and satisfy the customers requirements. This project mix included Instrumentation, VSD, SWA Circulars, Circulars, Control, XLPE, Flexibles, M/V, Optical Fibre cables and many specially manufactured items. The majority of these manufactured cables, including 22kV SWA M/V cables where required on site within an 8 week timeframe. Most of the L/V Cables were supplied from our range of stock held in our Ingleburn warehouse. With a high quality product, diligent customer service and attention to detail, WWC have managed and delivered on another major project in full and on time.

Caval Ridge Project

WW Cables has been awarded the contract to supply cables to the Caval Ridge Mining Project in Queensland.

The range of cables ordered includes large quantities of low voltage power, control, VSD/EMC, SDI, instrumentation and fibre optic cables along with various other specially manufactured cables. The total value of the order is over AU$ 7 million which is one of the largest single orders that World Wire Cables have received thus far. WW Cables has worked closely with the Bechtel engineers in USA to design and manufacture the specific cable requirements of this project where each aspect of the cables were carefully checked and verified before manufacture. WW Cables’ extensive testing procedures have also ensured that all required quality standards have been met.

Sydney International Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Precinct (SICEEP)

Sydney International Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Precinct (SICEEP)

NSW, this was a major proejct in NSW which gave WW Cables the opportunity to supply cables ranging from orange circular power cables and Ordinary Duty flexible cables to TPS flat cables and both single core and multicore fire rated cables. WW Cable is the exclusive cable supplier of this project and the estimated value of this order is approximately AU $ 5.5 million.

Roy Hill Iron Ore Project - Fibre Optical

WW Cables was recently awarded the contract for the supply of the widely contested 900kms of 24C and 72C Single Mode loose tube with Nylon Jacket Heavy duty direct buriable Optical Fibre Cables for Roy Hill Iron Ore project in West Australia.

Whilst this project is currently still in execution of supply, it is anticipated that the value of this project will be in the order of $ 2 M. We've successfully manufactured 8km per length Optical fibre cables as per our customer's requirements. The project was fully delivered in 2015 over 3 delivery batches.

Ergon Energy Network - OPGW Fibre Optical

WW Cables has supplied over 60kms of 48 Core Single Mode OPGW Fibre Optic Cable which was installed and operated in the Ergon Energy Network in Moranbah in 2014.

The cables were sucessfully manufactured and delivered within the limited timeframe. Our customer was imporessed with the quality of our cables and great service received. Whilst not a significant order in terms of dollar value, it’s a landmark of WW Cables starting supply optical fibre cables. The good results on this project highlight WW Cables capability and diversity in the supply of cables.

Sino Iron Project

WW Cables sucessfully manufactured and supplied the 1C 300mm2 220kV Extra High Voltage Power Cable for the Sino Iron Project in WA. We were confident the moment we received this very challenging inquiry from a multi- national Engineering company to manufacture such a massive cable as we have all the support and capability to manufacture up to 500kV Power Cable with a 750kV laboratory testing capacity. The end result of this complicated cable supply requirement has paid all our effort by delivering a high quality Extra High Voltage Power Cable in just a short timeframe.

Perth Children’s Hospital

Perth Children’s Hospital, WA,

WW Cables awarded the supply cables for the new Perth Children’s Hospital and the new Midland Health Campus via a major electrical wholesale group. Both these being major infrastructure projects for WA with the supply of cable ranging from LV earth and orange circulars to large single core flexes and single and multicore mica taped fire rated cable manufactured to WS52W. This order is worth approximately AU$ 5 million.

Grosvenor Project

WW Cables was awarded the supply contract of LV Cables for the first phase of Grosvenor Mine Upgrade project by a major electrical wholesale group in Queensland. WW cables has successfully supplied all these cables with good results and feedbacks. The estimated value of this order is approximately AU$ 2 million.

Ritz Carlton Hotel

WWC successfully developed and manufactured a new range of products to meet our client’s requirements, single core and multi-core flexible aluminium cables – lighter and more cost effective. The new cables were fully tested to relevant Australian standards and passed all requirements successfully.

Optus Stadium

This is a 60,000 seat, world-class, multi-purpose and multi-award winning Stadium.

The Stadium and the surrounding park is located east of the Perth Central Business District, on the Burswood Peninsula.

WestConnex M4-M5 Link Mainline Tunnel Works

A motorway linking M4 and M5 together with ramps sets at Haberfield and St Peters (the Main Tunnel Works), and an interchange at Rozelle to connect the M4-M5 with the Inner West, The Anzac Bridge and a future Western Harbour Tunnel.

Northern Connector Highway

A 15.5 kilometre non-stop motorway linking the Northern Expressway and the South Road Superway. The new motorway will have three lanes in each direction, a posted speed limit of 110 kmph, and four road interchanges. WWC was able to provide all cables from available stock.

Port Pirie Smelter Redevelopment

The redeveloped smelter would significantly improve air quality in the town by reducing lead-in-air emissions by a margin unachievable with the old smelter at the site. The redevelopment will shift the smelter's focus from base metals, like lead and zinc, to a more diversified operation.

Yatpool Solar Farm

The 106MW solar farm is designed to generate enough energy to power over 100,000 homes in the Yatpool area in Northern Victoria. WWC worked with the contractor at all stages of the project to ensure that both the technical and commercial requirements of the project were met with cables delivered on time as per the client’s schedule.

Karadoc Solar Farm

Karadoc solar farm is one of Australia’s largest ever solar farms in North Victoria, located in south of Mildura, in north-west Victoria. The 112MW Karadoc solar energy farm, over 330,000 photovoltaic cells, covering an area of 640 acres, generating enough power to supply 65,000 homes.

Hughenden Solar Farm

The Hughenden solar farm is a 22MW PV project located in Hughenden, Queensland, Australia. This is the first solar energy project for BayWa r.e. in Australia.

Bomen Solar Farm

The 120MW DC solar farm project will produce enough energy to power 36,000 Australian homes.