World Wire Cables (WW Cables) is a complete wire and cable manufacturer and distributor with more than two decades of experience in supplying to Australia’s mining, infrastructure, utilities and renewable energy industries.

We are now offering unpaid internship for student to immerse themselves in an exciting workplace that will provide an overview of a business environment within the electrical industry.

Job Description:

  • Familiarisation of the end to end process of sales – from quote through to product delivery
  • Review and improve tender submissions for major projects – including both technical and commercial aspects
  • Complete electrical and instrumentation cable product training and development
  • Familiarisation of warehouse management and inventory control
  • Complete basic training on SAP and data management
  • Experience external sales and client visits
  • Conduct review and improvement of HSSE and Quality management system

If you have accounting background:

  • Experience preparations of financial year end audits
  • Basic training on preparations of monthly banking reporting requirements
  • Basic training on financial forecasting (sales budget, cash flow budget, 3-way budget, Cost budget etc.)

If you have IT background:

  • Basic run through of network topology within a medium size firm
  • Basic run through of server, operating system, general IT requirements within a medium size firm
  • Opportunity to provide constructive suggestions on how we can improve our online presence and how we can make our website better (if his/her suggestions were taken and implemented we may even provide a small monetary project reward)

If you have engineering background:

  • Basic training on AutoCad
  • Basic training on how to comply with standards may it be Australian or International
  • Basic training on the process of how cable designs are finalised

Are you interested in joining World Wire Cables Group? Please send your resume to