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MR. WEI YU (WILLIAM) WANG is a well-known Australian-Chinese entrepreneur and one of the most influential business leaders to new immigrants coming to Australia.

He was awarded his MBA from Victoria University in 1992 specialising in International Trade (Non-Conventional Trade).

William founded World Wire Cables in 1997 with a self-made cable winding machine.

From inception to becoming the top 5 cable suppliers in the Australian Electrical Industry, he is still leading the company to strive for higher.

William enjoys being a philanthropist in the community. In 2015, he was one of the biggest donators to the Science Building of Scotch College. The science lab is named after William’s Family Trust.

He is the Chairman of Australia Chinese Overseas Cultural & Arts Foundation, bridging cultural exchange between two nations. Mr. Wang is also heavily involved in community activities and chairs both HUAYI and LRCGC golf teams.

In 2019, William was recognised as “One of Two Hundred Outstanding Chinese” at the 200 Years of Chinese in Australia Anniversary event, his acceptance speech is on exhibition in the Australia Chinese Museum.

CEO'S Message

World Wire Cables (WW Cables) has left nearly a quarter of a century behind and we are looking forward to many years ahead.

In 1997, I established WW Cables from scratch. I can still remember so vividly my through to the moon happiness when I received the first order for 2000M of coaxial cable. However, my enthusiasm was instantaneously dampened when I realised the issue I was facing on how to actually deliver the order without a winding machine.

There is an old Chinese saying “When you are backed into a corner, you jump”, with that in mind, I handmade WW Cables’ first winding machine and managed to complete the order on time. This has become the ultimate inspiration for all staff and the backbone to one of WW Cables’ core philosophy – Nothing is ever too hard to handle.

Two pillars of luck that make the company sustainable – Capable & loyal staff and the right products introduced into the market at the right time. To this date, more than 25% of staff have served the company for longer than 10 years with majority of them seeing WW Cables as the final destination of their career life. WW Cables flourished with the mining boom and are now moving into the next stage of development with government’s plan to catch up on infrastructure.

WW Cables started from a public logistics warehouse. In 2001 we moved into our first own office/warehouse in Victoria, followed by NSW and now we have sales offices with full capacity warehouses covering all states in Australia. WW Cables Shanghai is responsible for all manufacturing, QA&QC, supply chain logistics management which facilitates thousands of containers a year.

We have worked very closely with our major electrical wholesaler partners in Australia from inception, to this day, and well into the future. Our products are widely used in Mining, Industrial and Infrastructure. From Caval Ridge Mine, Roy Hill Railway to VCCC, Sydney International Exhibition & Convention Centre and Perth Stadium to name a few projects that were all wired with WW Cables’ products. We are not just a cable stockist but also your complete project cable supplier for all industries.

The phrase “Quality is Life” is imprinted into every staff member’s mind from day one on the job. QA&QC procedures are thoroughly implemented throughout all production lines, Australian Standards are the only common language between our in-house engineers, our factory engineers and all of our clients. We are proud to say that our product quality is one of the best in the market. It serves as the best recognition of our staff’s consistent hard work to be one of the top 5 cables suppliers in Australia. We will continue our march and strive even harder to lay down solid foundation for our dream of becoming a 100yrs+ company.

WW Cables is fully aware of where our growth came from, hence giving back to the community has become one of the company’s main philanthropic objectives. We have donated and sponsored countless community events covering sports, education, cultural, arts & museums etc.

COVID-19 has been and will be a long and difficult battle for humanity. The pandemic has had both positive and negative impacts on the company. It tested our management ability, staff’s tolerances and the company’s overall resilience and sustainability. In the passing FY20/21, WW Cables is again, expecting to gain over 10% growth. The whole company is, from all aspects, ready to embrace all the new challenges marching into a new financial year.

World Wire Cables (Aust) Pty Ltd