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DURAREEL - Mining Cables

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WW DURAREEL reeling and trailing cables can be broadly used in multi-purpose mining platforms, transformer stations, coal mining machines and other mining facilities for power supply. This catalogue consists of two standard reeling and trailing cables, one for underground mining use which complies with AS1802 and the other for non-underground used which complies with AS2802. They possess such characteristics as fire retardant, lash-resistance, abrasion resistance, flexibility and stable electrical performance under damp conditions. We can also produce mining cable which conforms to BS, ABS or VDE standards according to the requirements of customers.

Cable Voltage Designation

Due to common usage in the mining industry, the cables have been classified as unearth design, thus the voltage has designated using "phase voltage/phase voltage (U/U). The voltage designation takes into consideration the fact that the system voltage may vary up to 9.1% from the designated voltage.

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